AdWords Customer Settlement
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Please note that the Court has granted Final Approval to this Settlement and issued the Final Judgment on September 14, 2009. A copy of the Final Judgment is available for download or print by clicking on the link above.

If you have received a Notice of Final Approval and Election Eligibility, you can make an election to receive a check in lieu of Adwords credits to the extent that your settlement benefit exceeds your Adwords account balance by clicking on Make an Election above. To make an Election online, you will need to have your AdWords account number and the PIN provided to you on your Notice of Final Approval and Election Eligibility. If you prefer, you may send an Election to the Claims Administration at CLRB Hanson LLC et al. v. Google Class Action Settlement, c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC, P.O. Box 808054 Petaluma, CA 94975. with a postmark dated no later than the deadline for making an Election. Your written Election must include your name, AdWords account number, email address associated with your AdWords account, your mailing address and your PIN. The deadline for making an Election is July 29, 2012. If you do not make an Election by that date, your settlement benefit will be applied to your AdWords account as a credit.

If you did not receive the Notice of Final Approval and Election Eligibility, your settlement benefit will be made automatically as described in the approved Plan of Allocation.

The Plan of Allocation is described below in its entirety.


The balance of the Settlement Proceeds remaining after the payment of the foregoing fees, costs, expenses and taxes (the “Net Settlement Proceeds”) shall be distributed in the form of cash or AdWords Credits as set forth below to Class members who have not requested exclusion from the class in accordance with the instructions contained in the Notice. The following methodology shall be used to calculate the distribution to each Class member:

(Class Member's Total Overcharges) x (Net Settlement Proceeds)
Sum total of Estimate of all Class Members' Total Overcharges

a. "Net Settlement Proceeds" means the remaining balance of the Settlement Proceeds, including all interest earned thereon, following payment of any Fee and Expense Award as allowed by the Court.

b. "17200 Overcharge" means the dollar amount that a Class Member, who signed up for AdWords between June 1, 2005 and February 28, 2009, was charged by Google in excess of his, her, or its per day Daily Budget, the first month such overcharge occurred.

c. "Overcharge" means to charge an AdWords Advertiser more than his, her, or its per day Daily Budget on any given day

d. "Pausing Overcharge" means the dollar amount that Google charged a Class Member, who paused his, her, or its campaign for any amount of time in a billing period, in excess of the product of the Class Member's per day Daily Budget times the number of days that the campaign was not paused during the same billing period, at any time during the period between January 1, 2002 and February 28, 2009, inclusive.

e. "Total Overcharges" means, for each Class Member, the sum of his, her, or its 17200 Overcharges and Pausing Overcharges, less any Overcharges that are duplicative of the Pausing Overcharges.

f. "Claims Administrator" means Gilardi & Co. LLC.

g. For each Class Member who has a balance due on his, her, or its AdWords account as of the Class Member Distribution Calculation Date that is equal to or greater than that Class Member's Distribution (defined as "Active AdWords Advertisers"), Google will issue AdWords Credits in the amount of such Class Member's Distribution within ten business days of the Class Member Distribution Calculation Date. At the time of distribution, Google will notify each Class Member who is an Active AdWords Advertiser who has a balance due on his, her, or its AdWords account as of the Class Member Distribution Calculation Date that is less than such Class Member's Distribution that they may elect to receive cash in lieu of AdWords Credits. To make such an election, the Active AdWords Advertiser must notify the Claims Administrator within forty days of the Class Member Calculation Date by clicking on Make an election above, or via email or in writing, including the following information: (1) name of Class Member; (2) AdWords account(s) number; (3) email address associated with AdWords account; (4) mailing address. The request can be emailed to the Claims Administrator at the following email address:, or sent to the Claims Administrator at the following address:

CLRB Hanson LLC et al. v. Google Class Action Settlement
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 808054
Petaluma CA 94975-8054

Each Active AdWords Advertiser who makes such an election before the designated deadline shall receive that portion of the Class Member's Distribution that is in excess of the balance due on his, her, or its AdWords account in cash.

h. The Claims Administrator will issue checks to all Class Members who are not Active AdWords Advertisers, in the amount of each Class Member's Distribution. To the extent, at the conclusion of efforts to make distributions to Class Members, there remains any undistributed portion of the Net Settlement Proceeds, it shall be disposed of pursuant to the instructions of Representative Plaintiffs' Counsel, with approval of the Court. Under no circumstances shall the Net Settlement Proceeds, or any portion thereof, be paid or otherwise revert to Google following the Effective Date of the Settlement.

i. The computation of each Class Member's Distribution shall be made by Google or the Claims Administrator, and the data supporting such computation shall be supplied to the Claims Administrator. Payment pursuant to the Plan of Allocation set forth above shall be conclusive against all Class Members. No Person shall have any claim against Representative Plaintiffs' Counsel, the Claims Administrator or other agent designated by Representative Plaintiffs' Counsel, Google, or Google's Counsel based on the distributions made substantially in accordance with the Settlement Agreement, the Plan of Allocation, or further orders of the Court.

For questions or updates, please continue to visit this website or contact the Settlement Administrator at